Pool Fencing Lake Macquarie

We Provide Quality Pool Fencing Solutions in Lake Macquarie

If your pool is in need of fencing, we provide reliable pool fencing Lake Macquarie. From initial consultation to project completion, we make sure that results meet your needs.

Our Pool Fencing Services

Glass Pool Fencing

We can design and build sturdy glass pool fencing for your residential or commercial property. Our team can customise aspects of your glass pool fencing, while ensuring that it meets local compliance codes for better safety. We recommend glass pool fencing as a way to improve safety without compromising on style. 

Glass Balustrades Newcastle

Aluminum Pool Fencing

If you’re in need of a cost-effective option, aluminium pool fencing is highly durable, low-maintenance, and looks great too. This is a tubular fence made up of vertical aluminium tubes. Our team adds a powder coated finish so that your pool fence is not only resistant to damage from moisture and the environment, but looks great too. And because aluminium is sturdy and low-maintenance, it’s suitable for limited budgets. 

Aluminium Pool Fencing Newcastle

Frameless Glass Pool Fencing

Unlike semi-frameless glass, frameless glass pool fencing gives you a clear, unobstructed view that enhances the visual appeal of your property. They help create the look of a wide open space in your outdoor area, without compromising on safety. We build frameless glass pool fencing that lasts a long time and requires very little maintenance. Our team can also provide custom designs based on your property’s layout, so you get added functionality.

Glass Pool Fencing Newcastle

Glass Balustrades

Compared to traditional railings, glass balustrades don’t block light or vision, making them a highly desirable choice for your balcony, terrace, or staircase. Our team uses high-quality glass and durable components to install glass balustrades that add aesthetic appeal to your property without compromising on safety. Most importantly, we can customise the installation according to your property’s layout. Besides their sleek design and sturdy construction, glass balustrades are also low-maintenance. 

Glass Balustrades Newcastle

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How We Provide Custom Pool Fencing

We also provide the following options to customise your pool fencing solutions: 

Pool Fence Gate Automation

If manually opening and closing your pool fence gate has gotten exhausting, automation offers a solution. We can install a high-quality pool fence gate automation system that allows convenient access in and out of the pool. No more forgetting to close the gates or unauthorised access to your pool. 

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Coloured Pool Fencing

If the regular look of aluminium tubular pool fencing is too boring for your tastes, we offer coloured options as well. Whether you prefer bold tones or muted colours, our team can install pool fencing in the colour of your choice for a touch of personality and customised look. 

Pool Fencing Newcastle

Tubular Pool Fencing

If your main concern is safety above aesthetics, we recommend choosing tubular pool fencing. Made from stainless steel or aluminium, this option is durable, sturdy, and built to last. Our team carefully instals tubular pool fencing according to your property’s layout, creating a secure enclosure with a classic appearance.  

Pool Fencing Newcastle

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Why Choose Us

Here’s how we’re able to deliver the best pool fencing in the Lake Macquarie area suburbs, including Warners Bay, Charlestown, and Belmont.  

Code Compliance

As licensed experts in the field, we’re well-versed in local building codes and regulations to ensure that your pool fencing is code compliant.

Custom Solutions

From a range of coloured fences to unique layouts, our team has the experience and skills to deliver customised pool fencing that meets your needs.

Local Experience

Having served the Newcastle Lake Macquarie area for years, we have extensive knowledge on industry best practices and techniques. 

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