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Want to enhance your property’s landscape while improving the safety of your pool area? We offer pool fencing Maitland to help add value, aesthetics, and safety to your property. 

Our Pool Fencing Services

Glass Pool Fencing

If you enjoy the sleek, minimalist look of glass, we recommend choosing glass pool fencing for your property. Glass makes it easier to spot accidents, ensuring greater safety for pets and children. It’s also sturdy and easy to maintain because glass doesn’t react with water or pool chemicals. And because functional and aesthetic pool fencing can add value to your property, it’s best to choose a long-lasting option. 

Glass Balustrades Newcastle

Aluminum Pool Fencing

Our team can design and build tubular aluminium pool fencing for added safety and durability. Aluminium is a strong yet lightweight material that doesn’t compromise on aesthetics. To provide a more custom look, our aluminium pool fencing can come in a variety of colours, like black, white, or bronze. It’s water-resistant and requires little to no maintenance, which makes it a cost-effective way to add value to your property. 

Aluminium Pool Fencing Newcastle

Frameless Glass Pool Fencing

For a more aesthetic touch, we recommend choosing frameless glass pool fencing. These don’t have metal posts between the glass balustrades, giving a sleek appearance that enhances the look of your landscape. Our team constructs sturdy frameless glass pool fencing that’s built to last and meets your preferred height specifications. These offer an unobstructed view of the pool to help prevent accidents and because of their durability, they’re also low-maintenance. 

Glass Pool Fencing Newcastle

Glass Balustrades

Using glass balustrades for your property’s pools, staircases, terraces, and balconies can create the illusion of a wide open space, while enhancing lighting. We install highly durable and long-lasting glass balustrades that offer a combination of safety, longevity, and aesthetics. Our team uses high-quality glass and components to carefully install glass balustrades according to your desired layout. Most clients prefer them because they require little maintenance while adding value to their properties.

Glass Balustrades Newcastle

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Get Custom Pool Fencing For Your Property

To provide customised pool fencing Maitland for your property, we have the following options: 

Pool Fence Gate Automation

Our team’s technicians can install a quality pool fence gate automation system to enhance the accessibility and convenience of your pool. It’s an automation solution that eliminates the hassle of opening and closing the gate manually. Besides making entry and exit a breeze, it also allows greater safety.  

Pool Fencing Newcastle

Coloured Pool Fencing

We recommend coloured pool fencing to customise your aluminium tubular fencing. By upgrading from default silver to a colour of your choice, you instantly elevate the aesthetic appeal of your pool area. Whether you prefer striking hues or sophisticated tones, our solutions add style while retaining the same level of safety.

Pool Fencing Newcastle

Tubular Pool Fencing

Tubular fencing is a suitable choice when you need a durable and long-lasting solution that can ensure safety. We can install stainless steel or aluminium tubular pool fencing, depending on your needs. Our team can also customise it according to your preferred layout, so that it delivers a classic look. 

Pool Fencing Newcastle

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Why Choose Us

Here’s why we’re the top rated pool fencing specialists throughout the suburbs of Maitland, including Bolwarra Heights, Chisholm, and Ashtonfield. 

Licensed and Insured

To give clients peace of mind and consistent results, all our team members are fully licensed and insured as per local standards.

Client Satisfaction

We’re a team of professionals that’s dedicated to client satisfaction, which is why we get your input at every step of the way. 

Timely Completion

Worried that your pool fencing won’t be installed in time? When you give us a deadline, we stick to it by arriving on time and getting the job done! 

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