Pool Fencing Port Stephens

We Offer Reliable Pool Fencing Solutions in Port Stephens

Need to make your pool area safer without compromising on aesthetic appeal? We install quality pool fencing Port Stephens, use quality materials, and are dedicated to client satisfaction. 

Our Pool Fencing Services

Glass Pool Fencing

We design and build both frameless and semi-frameless glass pool fencing. We recommend semi-frameless fencing if you prefer the luxurious look of glass, but want added safety. Semi-frameless options have metal posts between the glass balustrades. This gives you a more secure fence around your pool, as well as an almost frameless look. Our clients prefer this option to help prevent accidents and falls, while providing a sleek, modern look.  

Glass Balustrades Newcastle

Aluminum Pool Fencing

For enhanced durability, we recommend installing an aluminium pool fence for your property. Unlike other metals, aluminium doesn’t take damage due to weather conditions, and it reacts minimally with water or pool chemicals. Its resistance to rust makes it a low-maintenance option that improves pool safety. Our team can carefully design and build custom aluminium pool fencing that lasts a long time and adds value to your property. 

Aluminium Pool Fencing Newcastle

Frameless Glass Pool Fencing

Though semi-frameless glass is highly durable, frameless glass pool fencing gives a more luxurious appeal. We also recommend it to help keep children and pets safe because you’ll have an unobstructed view of the pool. Not to mention, it offers unparalleled aesthetic appeal that can add greater value to your property. And since glass doesn’t react to pool chemicals or water, there’s little to no maintenance needed. 

Glass Pool Fencing Newcastle

Glass Balustrades

We recommend adding glass balustrades to your staircase, balcony, or terrance as a way to enhance your property’s aesthetic appeal and value without compromising on safety. Our team can construct highly durable and low-maintenance glass balustrades, providing custom designs to match a specific layout. We use the highest quality glass and meet local building codes to ensure the stability and safety of our glass balustrades. 

Glass Balustrades Newcastle

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Get Custom Pool Fencing For Your Property

Besides offering quality pool fencing Port Stephens solutions, we provide options to help customise your design: 

Pool Fence Gate Automation

Our team offers pool fence gate automation for a hassle-free experience. We have experienced technicians on our team to install a gate automation system that allows you easy access with the push of a button. No more worries about having to deal with heavy gates or forgetting to close the gate. 

Pool Fencing Newcastle

Coloured Pool Fencing

Want to give your aluminium pool fencing a touch of personality? We have a range of coloured pool fences to enhance your outdoor landscape while customising your pool area. Choose from a variety of muted and bold tones to match your design concept, without compromising on safety and durability. 

Pool Fencing Newcastle

Tubular Pool Fencing

If you’re on a budget and want durable pool fencing to enhance safety, we recommend tubular pool fencing. We can install sturdy and weather-resistant stainless steel or aluminium options. Tubular pool fencing is long-lasting and helps to create a secure enclosure around your pool, while offering a timeless aesthetic.

Pool Fencing Newcastle

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Why Choose Us

Here’s why you should hire our team if you’re based in the suburbs of Port Stephens, including Shoal Bay, Soldiers Point, and Nelson Bay.

Workmanship Guarantee

As per our workmanship guarantee, our customer support team is here to help if you’re not satisfied with the result of your project. 

Licensed Professionals

All members of our crew are trained, licensed, and insured as per Australian standards to provide reliable installation services. 

Custom Solutions

Whether you choose aluminium or glass, our team can customise your pool fencing project so that it seamlessly blends into the surrounding landscape. 

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